The Rail Run Dashboard

Monitor your idle trains and active rail runs in one convenient location

All the Info About Your Trains, All in One Place

Clicking on this button will open the Rail Run Dashboard, which looks like this:

The dashboard will automatically open to the Trains page, where you'll find a list of all your trains. Clicking on your train will expand the listing to reveal more information about it.

From here, you can see all of your train's stats, equipped Conductor and Rail Cars, as well as what Commodities are loaded in each car.

And these buttons are your train options:

  • Clicking the top button will close the Rail Run Dashboard, open the map, and jump straight to your train's location.

  • The middle button will open the Edit Train View for the train you're currently inspecting, provided it's not in the middle of a rail run.

  • The bottom button will let you quickly clear out the cards equipped to your train so you can start over with a blank slate.

View Your Rail Run History

The Rail Run Dashboard also allows you to see a history of your past runs.

To access your rail run history, simply click on the "HISTORY" tab in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Keeping an eye on this page can be helpful as you analyze successful rail run strategies, giving you an advantage over other Railroaders!

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