Rail Run Calculator

Predict how much Tocium you'll earn from your rail run

Accessing the Calculator

Need some help optimizing your train? Or maybe you want to find out exactly how much you'll earn from a rail run. You've come to the right place.

Click here to access the fan-created Train of the Century Guide.

How to Use the Guide

You'll notice the file at the link above is in view-only mode. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST EDIT ACCESS. Instead, here's how you can get a mutable version of the guide you can use with your own WAX wallet.

  1. Access the file by clicking the link above.

  2. In the menu bar, click File > Make a Copy. Name the copy whatever you'd like.

  3. You'll be able to edit the copied file.

  4. In the copied file, click over to the Inventory tab at the bottom of the window.

  5. Enter your wallet address in the yellow B1 cell, then toggle the Refresh checkbox in the black C1 cell off and back on.

After a moment, the spreadsheet will populate with your inventory and allow you to experiment with rail run setups.


Special Thanks

This incredible tool was created by community member Ronnie Ash Hat with help from Chazer6, Mithc, and End Power.

Be sure to tell them "Thanks!"

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