Jasper McNair

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Given Name: Jasper Cornelius Percival McNair the Third Age: 32 Home Region: Pemberton Heights Favorite Food: Anything cooked by Chef László Kovács that costs more than 500,000 Tocium

Luckily for you, Railroader, my daddy is an investor in this silly game, which means that I, Jasper Cornelius Percival McNair the Third, get to write my own autobiography. How quaint! Although, I must say it's ridiculous that Conductor John insists I can only write two paragraphs... I mean, honestly, how can a highly valuable man capture his worth in just two paragraphs? And at the same time, I suppose my reputation does precede me.

Here's what I'll say: I have taste. I'm stylish. I know how to have a good time, and I know exactly what to order for my dates when I take them to fine restaurants. I'm used to women clearing a path for me when I enter a room—presumably because they know how to respect a man of my stature. And if you can appreciate my worth, then I think we'll get along swimmingly. Just make sure your train goes fast. Time is daddy's money.

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