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Train of the Century has an intricate sci-fi fantasy story woven into its structure. At certain pre-determined points of the game, you'll be approached by NPCs who would like to have a word with you. Be careful what you say and to whom: Not everybody in the Centuryverse deserves your trust...

The first Modern Century Campaign is composed of 10 chapters, each made up of 3 Story Encounters. That means there are 30 encounters for you to interact with—and yes, we mean interact with. We hope that you enjoy the visual novel-style gameplay we've prepared for you, and that you'll be the one to get to the bottom of the suspicious happenings in the Centuryverse.

Continue reading to learn more about the characters you'll be getting to know throughout the campaign.

The Stranger

Hang on a second... This guy is in Asset Encounters and Story Encounters? He must be up to something...

The Stranger is the first person you'll meet in the Centuryverse, but who is he really? I mean, he calls himself The Stranger. Talk about shady... But if what he says is true, there's conspiracy afoot. If you want to escape it unscathed, you might have to stick with him and see how it all plays out.

The Century Mechanic

The Century Mechanic has unclear origins, but he's well-versed in the mythology of Objects of Power (OOPs) and Century Trains. He's been around long enough to know not to take sides in meaningless power struggles, but if you can get him to warm up to you, he just might lend a hand after all.

If you can collect all 18 Century Train Parts, he'll forge them into a Century Train. For a price, of course.

Maureen Fletcher

Maureen Fletcher is the head of research and development at the Johnson Group Research Foundation, a medical research facility in Trevithick Pines. She also acts as their spokesperson, and her signature strawberry blond hairdo is recognizable from her many press conference appearances.

But beneath all that, she's a kind-hearted woman who likes to stay in touch with her children and who bakes cookies for her research team. She's sure to be a voice of reason when things take a turn for the chaotic.

The Researcher

Not much is known about the Researcher. Nobody even knows his real name. Rumor has it he's killed everyone who's gotten close enough to find out what it is.

Sources say he works at the JGRF with Maureen Fletcher, but could that really be true?

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