Andrea Harperdeen

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Character Bio

Given Name: Andrea Harperdeen Age: 32(?) Home Region: Pemberton Heights Favorite Food: Water with lemon and cayenne pepper

What is there to say about Andrea Harperdeen that hasn't be covered before? Pemberton's most talked-about not-celebrity is the constant subject of news articles, short documentaries, and recently an episode of the popular TV series, CPD: Pemberton Homicide.

The great-granddaughter of Eustace Harperdeen, founder of Pemberton Heights, is most known for her philanthropy. Every year, her Charity Awareness Gala raises millions of Tocium to spread awareness of charities across the Centuryverse. She's also a staunch advocate of the Stop James Park Immigration bill which is currently being voted on in the Pemberton Parliament. You can find out exactly how she feels on this issue and others the next time you see her in your Passenger Car.

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