Ahriman Report 6


Centennial Sciences Research Laboratories


EXPERIMENT NUMBER: 61-08C SUBJECT: Sustained chronological thinning TECHNICIAN: A. Thyone


HYPOTHESIS: The inclusion of praxium transistors in the structure of the gate will stabilize the residual anomatic discharge left in the wake of Praxidike’s time travel, thinning the fabric of time within the gate.


PROCEDURE: Praxidike will stand within the arch of the gate. The gate operators will charge the praxium transistors, and Praxidike will activate his ability. Anomatic discharge meters will be used to measure the stability of the flow of time within the plane of the gate.

CONCLUSION: Success. A translucent ripple was observed forming in the gate. The gate operators were ordered to increase the energy flow to the gate, which resulted in the ripple expanding to fill the arch.

NOTES: The gate itself collapsed and was destroyed when I sent one of the operators through it. However, a phenomenon resembling the “static” seen on ancient televisions was observed crackling above the ruined gate. The operator’s voice could be heard from within the static, leading me to believe the static connects to an interstitial realm between time and reality. Further investigation is needed.

When Praxidike returned, I told him the experiment was a failure. The gate experienced a power surge, leading to its collapse and the death of the operator. My word was not challenged by the others who were present. Praxidike was horrified by the report and left the lab without another word. I did not tell him about the static.

I know he is hiding something from me.

We’ve learned that we’re each unable to exert our power on the other. I cannot send him to new realities; he cannot send me through time. It’s possible each of us is incapable of experiencing the realm we have no control over. But suddenly he claims to know this theory is a fact, the nature of which harks back to Aricus’ experiment? That he and I were, in fact, created by the man’s death?

This is why I don’t believe Praxidike when he says he’s not been experimenting with his ability outside the lab. After all, I’ve done it. Why wouldn’t he? And I’m certain the strength of his conviction in this “origin story” must have come directly from speaking to Aricus. Perhaps he even watched our creation.

Well. If he can hide things, so can I.

Ahriman Thyone

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