Golden Runs

Start searching for clues in this meta-game treasure hunt


Wow! All of the Golden Runs have been discovered and claimed. Great job hunting, Railroaders!

What Are Golden Runs?

Did you know every Conductor has a preferred train setup? It's true! If you can send a Conductor on a rail run with all of their favorite assets in tow, that's called a Golden Run.

To perform a Golden Run, you've gotta figure out a Conductor's favorite:

  • Locomotive

  • Rail Car (In the first Rail Car slot on your train)

  • Commodity (Loaded in the Rail Car in the first slot of your train)

(Golden Runs do not include Passenger Cars or Passengers).

If you're the first Railroader to perform a Conductor's Golden Run, you'll win a 1-of-1 NFT that grants a significant in-game boost! You'll also earn yourself a space in the illustrious Golden Run Society.

The Golden Run Society

The Golden Run Society is the governing body in the Centuryverse that oversees the status of all Golden Runs...

Okay, so maybe it's just an algorithm.

Members of the Golden Run Society enjoy several perks. These details will be revealed soon!

If you think you've completed a Golden Run, it's time to report to the GRS. You can open the GRS page from the Railroader Dashboard. Here, you can view the list of Golden Runs that have been discovered and who discovered them. You can also quickly check which Conductors' runs remain unclaimed.

How to Verify a Golden Run

When you're ready to submit a rail run for verification, click on the Submit tab at the top of the GRS window.

You can submit a rail run from your recent history by clicking on the listing for that run, then clicking the green "SUBMIT" button.

If you're successful, you'll be treated to a fabulous prize!

Golden Run Rewards

Speaking of fabulous prizes, what exactly are the Golden Run rewards?

For completing a Conductor's Golden Run, you'll receive their personal journal. These 1-of-1 NFTs are yours to keep or sell, but you should know each journal comes with an extraordinary perk that can significantly enhance your gameplay.

What, exactly, are the perks? You'll have to earn the journals to find out!

Where Are the Clues?

It wouldn't be a treasure hunt without clues—and there are plenty out there. Golden Run clues can be found in just about any Train of the Century or OSO Interactive published media. Some of them are even hidden right within the game!

Certain clues will be easy to uncover, but it's going to take a keen eye and excellent lateral thinking skills to sniff out the others.

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