Frankie Melton

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Character Bio

Given Name: Francis Melton Age: 27 Home Region: Pawpaw Plains Favorite Food: Roasted cauliflower

Frankie Melton knew from a young age that he wanted to be a farmer. When his friends grew up and left the Plains for corporate jobs in the big city, he just smiled and said, "I'll be here when y'all get back." He started his career milking cows for Bleeker Farms and worked his way into Jeremiah Bleeker's good graces. Now, he oversees crop production and is beloved by his fellow farmhands.

After this year's cauliflower crop is harvested, he's got big plans for buying a house of his own and settling down. You'll have to ask him about it the next time you give him a ride!

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Frankie Melton # 1

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