Ahriman Report 2


Centennial Sciences Research Laboratories


EXPERIMENT NUMBER: 15-21B SUBJECT: “Portal” pod membrane integrity TECHNICIAN: A. Thyone


HYPOTHESIS: The reduced amount of praxium in the v3.2.2 membrane will decrease “portal” expansion time by at least 1.2 seconds, and increase “portal” diameter by more than 0.5 inches.

CONTROL VARIABLES: 10 v3.2.1 “portal” pods. 2 identical flat surfaces (6’ x 6’ drywall, eggshell white). 2 automated propulsion cannons.

PROCEDURE: The target surfaces will be arranged vertically, 10’ feet apart. A cannon will be positioned facing each surface. Cannon A will launch a v3.2.1 pod while Cannon B simultaneously launches a v3.2.2 pod. The launches and impacts will be recorded by attospeed cameras and anomatic discharge sensors. The measurements will be compared.

CONCLUSION: Failure. The first v3.2.2 pod couldn’t withstand the force of launch, rupturing in-chamber. Cannon B was transformed into an ice sculpture of a hiking boot.

NOTES: I’m still uncomfortable calling these “portal” pods. They’re not portals; they’re soft-membrane anomatter containers. Praxidike insists we’ll one day be able to use AMP to open gateways across long distances… And I must admit I’m enjoying these tests.

Speaking of Praxidike, I made a bet with him that this would be a successful trial. I can already hear him gloating. At least this time I only promised I’d buy him dinner. And anyway, it’s nice to not eat alone every now and then.

I’m interested in continuing to compare our missing memories. And perhaps we can even discuss his “portal” dreams. Who knows? Maybe our dinner will lead to the birth of a truly life-changing idea?

Ahriman Thyone

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