Connor McSweeny

Grab a pint and have a chin wag with Connor

Character Bio

Given Name: Connor McSweeny Age: 32 Home Region: Trevithick Pines Favorite Food: Shepherd's pie

Connor claims he was born and raised in Trevithick Pines, but can that be true? For one thing, he's got that thick accent—and patrons of his bar, The Dirty Flask, say he often tells stories about life in "the Pale." No geographical area of Trevithick Pines has ever gone by this name.

Despite his questionable history, the residents of the Pines welcome McSweeny as one of their own. Lab workers at the Johnson Group Research Foundation (or "Labbies," as Connor calls them) often meet at the Flask after work for drinks, bar food, and a good-natured ribbing from their favorite bar proprietor. Maybe he could give you some pointers on how to playfully roast your other Passengers?

Citizen Stories

Connor McSweeny # 1

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