Getting Started

Learn the basics of how to play Train of the Century

So, you want to be a Railroader but aren't sure how it's done? We've got you covered.

Train of the Century has a number of moving pieces that make it easy to learn and exciting to master. If you're new to the game and are eager to learn how to play, you've come to the right place.

First thing's first: You're going need a wallet on the WAX blockchain.

Creating a wallet is easy. All you have to do is visit and sign up for an account.

Once you have your wallet set up, you can load it with coins like WAX and Tocium. You'll need to acquire Tocium to make in-game purchases.

Next, you'll need a few cards to play with.

You can find our NFTs on Atomic Hub and Nefty Blocks.

To start playing the game, you'll need:

  • One (1) Locomotive Card

  • One (1) Conductor Card with a Gear Level that matches your Locomotive card

  • At least one (1) Rail Car card

  • At least one (1) Commodity card with a type attribute that matches your Rail Car card

Not sure which card is what type or what their attributes mean?

No problem! Click ahead to the next page to learn all about them.

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