Get to know Centuryville's favorite bad girl popstar

Character Bio

Given Name: Kim Seul-ki Age: 24 Home Region: Centuryville Favorite Food: Crickmore Farms strawberry ice cream

PNLOP (pronounced "Penelope") has been on the rise ever since her debut album, Text Me Back, released two years ago. Now she's back to promote her sophomore album, Imugi, which she describes as "indie, singer-songwriter lo-fi with K-pop influences for sadbois and sadgirls."

Ms. Kim made news headlines recently when she arrived to Andrea Harperdeen's annual Charity Awareness Gala dressed as The Carrot Man, a popular cryptid from the Pawpaw Plains. Footage of Ms. Harperdeen reacting to PNLOP's attire has since gone mega-viral, attaining classic meme status almost overnight. You're sure to gain social media clout if you can get a picture with her the next time you give her a ride.

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