Ahriman Report 4


Centennial Sciences Research Laboratories


EXPERIMENT NUMBER: 40-26A SUBJECT: Anomatic ability in humans TECHNICIAN: A. Thyone


HYPOTHESIS: Regular exposure to anomatter has given me the ability to interact with atmospheric anomatter in such a way that I can shift between overlapping realities




NOTES: I am out of breath, bleeding, and at a loss for words. There isn’t yet a scientific explanation for how I was able to accomplish what I’ve just done.

In the weeks leading up to today, I’ve noticed windows into other states of being. A glass of water will be full and empty at the same time. A dog in the park will simultaneously be fully Labrador and fully Dachshund without being a breed of the two. I have looked in the mirror and seen myself as man and woman, hideous and beautiful, human and inhuman.

This was different. It was like I reached into myself, and through some multiversal gymnastic, I pulled out another world. An exact copy that was entirely different. In that reality, everything I touched began to melt, as if my body heat were the highest temperature ever recorded there. And yet, the world around me didn’t feel cold. The scientists in that lab watched in fear of me as their equipment melted at the grace of my fingertips. Tears came to my eyes unbidden, and when I wiped them away, I found blood on my hands. I knew then it was time to leave, so I grabbed the nearest object—a thermometer, ironically—and receded into myself. Back in our universe, the thermometer continued to melt in my hand, suggesting an object will continue to abide by the laws of its universe of origin when transported to a new one. I’ve stored it in a freezer.

This experiment was not authorized, but now that I’ve succeeded, I can’t keep it a secret. I must tell Praxidike. He was present at the accident, just as I was, and he’s pored over Aricus’ notes as thoroughly as I have. He’s been exposed to anomatter as often as me, and I believe he may also have the chance to develop anomatic abilities…

Everything has changed.

Ahriman Thyone

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