Shadow Kaze

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Character Bio

Given Name: Unknown Age: Unknown Home Region: James Park Favorite Food: Mangos

Not much is known about Shadow Kaze, including his real name, age, or place of origin, but most people in James Park know not to get involved with him or the people who work for him. All that is known for sure is that he loves mangos and his pet cat (who is named Mango).

The list of crimes he's allegedly committed range from money laundering, to bank robbery, to purchasing the James Park Examiner to control the local news media. Of course, none of these claims have ever been substantiated with evidence, so Mr. Kaze walks free. But recently, the people of James Park seem to have a higher opinion of his operation, for some reason...

Maybe you could find out if you keep mangos and cat treats on your train?

Citizen Stories

Shadow Kaze # 1

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