Station Ownership

Discover the benefits of owning a Station in the Centuryverse

What Are Stations?

Stations in Train of the Century operate similarly to train stations in real life. Trains pass through them to deliver Commodities or Passengers. There are only 400 Modern Century Stations, making them some of the rarest "land-type" NFTs out there. Stations are equipped with a host of tools to help Owners Incentivize transports to their Station.
Let's take a look at an example of a Station card...
I suppose it is a building after all. How many stats could it have?
As trains enter and exit a station, that station's Commodity payout rates will be affected by which commodity types pass through it. The rate of change will happen dynamically and will update throughout the day. Be sure to check a station's commodity rates while planning your rail runs.
Besides acting as rail run destinations, stations can also be upgraded to include opportunities for staking your NFTs.
  • Conductor Lounges will allow you to stake Conductors
  • Rail Yards will allow you to stake idle Locomotives
The number of open staking slots will depend on the station's rarity and the level to which these amenities have been upgraded.

The Perks of Owning a Station

As a station owner, you'll receive a percentage of all Tocium transactions that take place within your Station. In addition, Station owners can opt to upgrade their stations with Conductor Lounges and Rail Yards. Details about these perks are listed in the chart below.
Station Rarity
Tocium Fee Collected
Maximum Stakeable Assets

How to Purchase a Station

Modern Century Station packs became available in October 2021 and sold out shortly thereafter. If you'd like to purchase a station, we suggest looking for sales on the secondary market.
Keep in mind there will be additional Station Packs for sale in the future (for additional Centuries).

The Station Owner Dashboard

Owning a Station grants a Railroader access to a deep Station management system. All of this takes place on the Station Owner Dashboard. Interested in learning more? Click here to jump to the Station Owner Dashboard page.