Aparna Athavale

Discover the secret formula to Aparna's winning personality

Character Bio

Given Name: Aparna Athavale Age: 29 Home Region: Trevithick Pines Favorite Food: Edamame with garlic salt

If curiosity kills the cat, then Aparna is the cat with just one life to spare. Her passion for discovery makes her an all-star asset for the Chlorophix Botanical Research Institute, where she researches "botanical circuitry." If you haven't heard of it yet, you will soon: Aparna is convinced her work will save lives some day.

When she's not at the lab, she likes to spend time conducting social experiments (read: Sitting at coffee shops, working up the courage to talk to the interesting people around her). But despite her initial shyness, once you get Aparna talking, she often forgets her inhibitions, revealing a bubbly, chatty personality. You should try to strike up a conversation with her the next time you find her on your train!

Citizen Stories

Aparna Athavale # 1

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