Buying Fuel and Performing Rail Runs

Fuel up and send your train on its merry way

Accessing the Marketplace

Now that you've got your train assembled and loaded up, you need to buy some fuel. To the Marketplace we go!

To get there, click on the Marketplace button, which is glowing in the photo above.

The Marketplace should open directly to the Fuel page. Fuel is sold at the following rates:

  • Coal: 1 Tocium : 10 Coal

  • Diesel: 1 Tocium : 5 Diesel

All you have to do is adjust the quantity of whichever fuel type you'd like to buy, then click the "Purchase" button. Boom! You just bought fuel.

Be aware that purchasing anything from the Marketplace requires that you have Tocium in your wallet.

Sending a Train Out On a Rail Run

Exit out of the Marketplace by clicking on the "X" button in the top left corner of the window. Return to the station your train is at, and click on it to bring up the Station View.

This time, we're going to click on the "Next Stop" button, which is circled in the picture above. Doing so will open the Next Stop View.

This view highlights all the stations accessible from your current location. Stations your train can reach will be connected to your location by a yellow line. Stations your train cannot reach will be connected to your location by a red line.

Click on the station you'd like to travel to. This will bring up the Dispatch View.

From this View, you'll be able to see information about your current station as well as the destination station. You'll have the opportunity to adjust your train and your loaded cargo by clicking the "Edit Train" or "Loading Dock" button. You can also see the payout rates for each Commodity Type at the destination station.

When you're ready to go, click the "Dispatch" button. You should hear your Conductor blowing your train's horn as they successfully embark on the rail run.

Congratulations! You sent out your first rail run.

You're officially a full-fledged Railroader and functioning member of society in the Centuryverse. We're glad to have you with us! You should see a countdown timer above your destination station. When it reaches zero, you'll be able to claim your Tocium reward.

And speaking of claiming rewards...

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