Train Condition and Repairs

A healthy train is a happy train.

What is Train Condition?

Just like your real-life car, bike, scooter, or skateboard, your trains will take on damage if you don't properly care for them. This trait is represented by the train's Condition stat.

A train's Condition begins at 100% and will deteriorate after each rail run. The amount of damage depends on the number of Rail Cars you have attached to your train. More Rail Cars equals heavier damage.

Once a train's Condition dips below the 90% threshold, its Speed will begin to decrease. You'll need to perform maintenance on your trains to ensure that your rail runs reach their destination in a timely fashion!

Performing Maintenance on your Locomotives

Keeping your train 3 fast, 3 furious is easy. All you have to do is click on the Train Bubble for the train you want to repair. Then, click the "REPAIR" button at the bottom of the Quick Stats panel.

A window will appear that describes the details of the proposed repairs.

If you're satisfied, click "REPAIR" to have the Century Mechanic perform the work.

And that's it! Told you it was easy.


But can it be even easier? Of course it can.

If you'd rather not have to worry about manually repairing your trains, you can have the game's AI take care of it for you. Simply navigate to the Settings panel and turn on auto-repairs.

While this feature is turned on, your trains will not take damage from rail runs. Be aware that auto-repairs still cost Tocium, and will only be performed if you can cover the fee.

That Covers the Basics

Congratulations on finishing this tutorial. You now know all the basics of how to play Train of the Century. From all of us at OSO Interactive, thank you so much for your interest in our game. Now get out there and rule the rails!

Or, if you're like me (Hello, this is still Conductor John) and want to learn more before diving straight in, feel free to explore our Gitbook site. There's plenty of useful information to be found. And maybe even a few secrets to uncover...

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