Lulu Gillespie

Get to know your new bestie, Lulu

Character Bio

Given Name: Louisa Gillespie Age: 22 Home Region: Pemberton Heights Favorite Food: Anything worth posting on social media

Most people who take a "gap year" do so between finishing high school and beginning college. Lulu Gillespie is taking hers fresh out of Harperdeen College, because, according to her social media, "traditional jobs are just SOOO soul crushing." She's eating, praying, and loving her way across the Centuryverse, stopping here and there to snap a cute selfie, experience the world, and tell her followers all about it.

But beneath her polished, chronically online exterior, Lulu is just as lost as the rest of us. She's eager to prove herself and isn't afraid to seek help from people more accomplished than her. So what do you say? Will you help Lulu get where she's going?

Citizen Stories

Lulu Gillespie # 1

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