Assembling Your Train

It's time to flex your deck building muscles and put your cards to work

How to Edit a Train

Have you collected at least one of each of the following types of cards?

  • A Locomotive

  • A Conductor with a Conductor Level greater than or equal to the Locomotive's

  • A Rail Car / Passenger Car

  • A Commodity / Passenger

If so, then you're ready to put them all together!

To build your train, find the station where you train is idling, then click on the glowing station icon. The Station View will appear, and it should look like this:

Now click on the "Edit Train" button, which is circled in the above image. Doing so will reveal slots where you can equip a Conductor, Locomotive, and Rail Cars (or Passenger Cars.)

These slots will be empty the first time you build a train. To fill them up, click on the "+" button in each slot. Let's start with our Conductor.

Clicking on the empty Conductor slot, the inventory deck will change to show all your unequipped Conductor cards. You can browse through your collection by hovering over your cards and scrolling. When you find the Conductor you want to equip, click on it. The card should hop over to the Equipped Conductor slot. When you're satisfied, click on the checkmark button in the corner.

The process for equipping a Locomotive is the same. Remember: Your Conductor must have a gear-level greater than or equal to the Locomotive's. Otherwise, the game's UI will give you a warning that your chosen Conductor can't pilot that Locomotive.

Now, Rail Cars and Passenger Cars have one extra step you'll need to take before they're all set to go.

Once you've equipped a Rail Car or Passenger Car, it's time to put something (or someone) into it. From the Rail Car selection page, click on the "Loading Dock" button, which is circled in the picture above.

Click on the Rail Car or Passenger Car you want to load, then select your Commodities or Passengers in the same way you'd equip any other card. Click the checkmark button, and you're done.

And that's it!

You've built your first train. Do you feel like a true Railroader yet? You're just one step away from sending out your first rail run. All that's left to do is buy some fuel. Let's take a visit to the Marketplace...

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