NPC Encounters

Meet the cast of characters who will interact with you as you play

What is an NPC Encounter?

Sometimes, when you claim a rail run reward, you'll be approached by a non-player character. The likelihood of meeting an NPC is determined by a number of factors and can be influenced by your equipped Conductor's Luck perk (or lack thereof).

In Train of the Century, NPC encounters are split into two categories:

  • Asset Encounters — The NPC will give you an item, present you with an opportunity, or provide a service that will assist you.

  • Story Encounters — The NPC will present a chapter of the game's overarching narrative, often asking for your opinion or asking for you to respond somehow.

Both types of encounters are integral to the ToC gameplay experience, and we hope you'll enjoy getting to know the citizens of the Centuryverse.

Continue reading to learn more about each type of NPC encounter.

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