DeMarcus Brown

Stop in for a fireside chat with the Mayor of Centuryville

Character Bio

Given Name: DeMarcus Brown Age: 39 Home Region: Centuryville Favorite Food: His grandma's macaroni and cheese

It isn't easy being the leader of the largest city in the Centuryverse, but DeMarcus Brown sure makes it seem that way! After winning by a landslide in the last election cycle, Mayor Brown set straight to work making good on his campaign promises. Included in his platform was an overhaul of the Centuryville Public Transport system, the poor condition of which had become an in-joke for many Centuryville citizens.

That said, a portion of his voter base seems to be turning on Mayor Brown, citing concerns that his focus on transportation has begun to feel redundant, with the rising prominence of Railroaders and train travel. Chances are high that he'll ask you to weigh in on the issue, if you happen to give him a ride anytime soon.

Citizen Stories

DeMarcus Brown # 1

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