Dansby Crickmore

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Character Bio

Given Name: Dansby Crickmore Age: 67 Home Region: Pawpaw Plains Favorite Food: Raw, salted tomatoes

Dansby Crickmore is the definition of "It ain't much, but it's honest work." Well, except for the fact that he runs the most successful farm in the Centuryverse. But the massive success hasn't affected the way he treats his work, or the way he treats people. And folks around the Plains certainly seem to appreciate his character: They've elected him Head of the Development Committee year after year.

After Ned left the farm to hunt down his missing pig, Mayhew, Dansby set aside his plans for retirement to avoid bequeathing the farm to someone outside the family. Naturally, the development has lead to a strain in his relationship with his son, but despite the tension, Dansby ultimately wants what's best for Ned. If you ever send the two on a rail run together, make sure you give them plenty of space so they can catch up.

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