Ahriman Report 7


Centennial Sciences Research Laboratories


EXPERIMENT NUMBER: X SUBJECT: Interstitial static production TECHNICIAN: A. Thyone


HYPOTHESIS: The “static” observed during the destruction of the time gate was created through the interaction of anomatter, activated praxium, and organic matter, and the phenomenon can be reliably reproduced.

CONTROL VARIABLES: The bees used in the experiment will all come from the same apiary, and precisely fifty (50) bees will be administered in each test.

PROCEDURE: Ten rabbit specimens will be put into cryogenic sleep, then encased in a semi-permeable praxium membrane (see Experiment 15-21B). Each rabbit will then be subjected to gamma wave radiation to energize and activate the praxium membrane. The technician will generate a spatial displacement field, and the rabbits will be accelerated into it.

CONCLUSION: Success. The static phenomenon was able to be reproduced in all tests.

NOTES: My research has continued unhindered, despite Praxidike’s continued absence. Quite successfully, I might add. It’s likely I never would have discovered my ability to generate spatial displacement fields were he still in my ear, urging me to exercise caution as I explore my capabilities. I have no inkling as to what he’s been doing all this time in his new lab, nor am I particularly interested. While he cowers in fear of his power, I have charged headlong into the unknown, creating history in my wake.

And yet I can’t help but wonder what there is left for us to discover together.

We know that Aricus first described the infinite mingling of alternate realities, calling it alternity. And with the discovery of this static, I’ve described the ultimate interaction of life, change, and stability. Imagine the scientific possibilities, were he and I to join together and represent alternity in a new equation, with this static acting as our tool.

Surely Praxidike would be eager to be a part of that, if only I could teach him to celebrate his power, rather than flee from it?

We wouldn’t just be doing science, then. We’d be the authors of alternity.

Ahriman Thyone

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