Ahriman Report 1


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HYPOTHESIS: An implement exposed to the material XU9 will not succumb to the effects of anomatter and can be used to safely handle anomatic particles (AMP).

CONTROL VARIABLES: One common, household tea cup (Tea Cup A) that has not been exposed to XU9. One identical tea cup (Tea Cup B) that has been exposed to XU9.

PROCEDURE: 100g of XU9 will be atomized in a collider and the resulting gas collected. Tea Cup B will be placed into a vacuum chamber and exposed to the XU9 gas for 3 minutes. Tea Cups A and B will be placed into the chamber of the Alternity Condenser, and the anomatter extraction process will be initiated. The harvested AMP will be allowed to dissipate within the chamber and the tea cups will be inspected.

CONCLUSION: Success. Tea Cup A transformed into a bowl of flowers. Tea Cup B remained unchanged.

NOTES: An amount of AMP was found to have liquified and settled in Tea Cup B. This leads me to believe the inert properties of XU9 could lead to the creation of tools and vessels that can safely interact with or store anomatter. Perhaps we create some kind of Anomatter Vial?

There is still much we don’t know about these substances, but we remain optimistic. The lab is finally in full functioning order after the accident. I still suffer from lapses in my memory, as does Praxidike.

The lab notes left behind by the late Aricus have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of XU9 and anomatter. It’s a shame he’s no longer around to assist our research, but we press on in his name.

Praxidike thinks he should get to name XU9 since he discovered the lab notes. He wants to call it “Praxium.” I told him the idea was praxi-DUMB.

Ahriman Thyone

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