Ahriman Report 8

It should be noted that this particular document seems to have been written after the fire occurred which damaged the other reports. It appears to have been written by the same author.


Centennial Sciences Research Laboratories

Jovian Anomatic Research Laboratory




HYPOTHESIS: In infinite alternate realities, there must be an infinite number in which I already exist


PROCEDURE: I will visit an undecided number of realities seeking that reality’s version of myself in an attempt to recruit like-minded individuals to join my cause

CONCLUSION: Experiment ongoing.

NOTES: By definition, this is not science, but I must treat it as such if I hope to continue moving forward.

Centennial Sciences is no more. The lab was destroyed and the event deemed an accident, but the decision was made not to rebuild. Amazingly, nobody was harmed. But one person is missing.

Aster Praxidike.

Whatever the man once was to me—colleague, friend, anomatic twin—he is no longer. His actions were those of a stranger.

But I won’t let his petulance slow my progress. We, as a species, must continue to learn as much as we can about the nature of alternity, if we wish to remain the preeminent actors within it. And to that end, I christen my new laboratory the Jovian Anomatic Research Laboratory, named for the planet we orbit and for that ancient deity who ruled all. The science we do here will some day lead humanity to follow in Jupiter’s footsteps, and to hopefully surpass even him in knowledge, influence, and power.

It is truly a goal that sounds impossible. But thousands of years ago we though mechanical flight was impossible, let alone space travel. And now I stand alone, the singular pioneer of multiverse travel.

This is the thought which gave rise to this inaugural non-experiment: Am I truly alone? Why haven’t I met other versions of myself in all my multiversal travels? In an endless volume of overlapping realities, statistically, I must be out there, seeking my other selves, eager to begin my research in earnest. There must also be other Praxidike’s. And there must be realities in which he never succumbs to fear, never abandons our experimentation, and the two of us have begun to unite alternity.

Or maybe there isn’t.

Maybe we are the cruel result of some infinite cosmic improbability, are each completely unique, and without him I am utterly alone.

In that case, the only way to improve the status of humankind is to win Praxidike over to my way of thinking by any means necessary.

But he is nowhere to be found. If my suspicion is correct, he’s overcome his fear of his anomatic abilities just in time to escape to another part of the time stream. Clever man. He knows I can’t follow him through time…

But he doesn’t know about the static, or its potential to send other people across time and reality. And as long as he remains ignorant of it, I maintain the upper hand.

Here, then, is the start of my mission. To continue seeking my selves, in the hope they can share their knowledge and assist in my stewardship of humanity. To continue developing anomatic technologies that will support my endeavor and expand the realm of human capability. And to find Aster Praxidike. To bring him home. And as a dyad, take our places in the equation that perfects alternity.

Ahriman Thyone

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