Felix Appleton

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Character Bio

Given Name: Felix Appleton Age: 52 Home Region: Trevithick Pines Favorite Food: Freeze-dried green apple chips

Felix Appleton famously only eats fruit. He claims he became a fruitarian after he was visited by God in a dream. "After that dream, I only ate apple chips for a week. Just the ones made from green apples—that's important. And after a week, I slipped into a trance. That's where I got the idea for the first Sky Phone." And a transformational piece of technology it was.

Since then, Harvest Technologies has become a household name, selling everything from phones and TVs to cars and coffee makers. Appleton himself has become more of a recluse as his wealth has grown, leading some to suspect he suffers from paranoia. If you ever catch him on your train, be sure to make him as comfortable as possible.

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